Northern NY Driving Academy
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Northern NY Driving Academy ® 823 Mason St, Morrisonville, NY 12962
Plattsburgh's 1st Full Service Driving School!
Whether you have never driven before, looking to prepare for the road test, or are a licensed driver looking to improve your driving skills, Northern NY Driving Academy has qualified, patient instructors waiting to help you become a safe and skilled driver.​ 
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Classroom Location:
8 Colorado Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12962
Our offerings include Driver and Rider Education for teens and adults, Private In-car driving instruction, Motorcycle Safety Courses,
5 Hour Pre-License Courses, Defensive Driving Classes and Boater Safety Classes. Our team of New York Certified and experienced instructors cover not only "Safe Driving", but also, steering 
and braking techniques in all weather conditions.
We specialize in lessons for nervous drivers.
Spring 2020 Dates Coming Soon