Northern NY Driving Academy
Due to an approaching retirement date the in-car driving lessons will be dis-continued until further notice. Another driving school is currently in the DMV application and training process and should be up and running by spring of 2024. 
I will provide a link to their services after that happens. 5 Hour Pre-license classes on zoom have ended for 2023 and may be continued in the future. 
                                             CLICK HERE for your other options.

The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is designed for those with very little 
or no experience riding a 2 wheeled motorcycle

The BRC is a combination of a provided eCourse: A highly interactive 5-hour online program that provides riders of all skill levels with the basics of motorcycling is REQUIRED for the Basic Rider Course.

Hands-On Riding Exercise Program which introduces and practices the physical and mental skills necessary to ride a motorcycle.

On-line eCourse - After registering for the BRC, you will receive information and a link for enrolling for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Online 5-Hour eCourse. This ecourse in included in your BRC registration fee. You must successfully complete the eCourse within 30 days of your actual course date. Your Certificate of Completion must be brought to the first day of class.

The eCourse can be completed in approx. 5 hours and consists of 12 Sections.
At the end of each Section, a Knowledge Test is administered where an 80% passing score is required to move on to the next session.

Hands-on Riding Exercises – Day 1 – approximately 6 hours.
Each Range Exercise has a specific objective(s) that must be achieved to continue.
Hands-on Riding Exercises – Day 2 – approximately 6 hours.
At the end of the Range Activities, the Riding Skill Evaluation is conducted.


1. Complete and Provide Successful eCourse Completion Certificate
2. Complete Hands on Sessions and Pass a Skill Evaluation (initial or retest)

Upon successful completion, you will receive a NYS specific MSF Completion Card. The
Completion Card and a Motorcycle Learners Permit (both current and valid) are required to be eligible for the Road Test Waiver Option and both are presented at a DMV office with a current, valid Driver’s License for the Motorcycle License upgrade.

Participation in this course requires:
    o Physical stamina
    o Motor coordination
    o Mental alertness
    o Meet the objectives of the Riding Exercises
There is no guarantee of successful completion
There are no refunds once the course begins (refer to MCC Cancellation / Refund Policy)
COST: $310.00 due at time of registration
CLASS SIZE: 12 students (Maximum)

COURSE LOCATION: All Classes begin at the training range on the corner of Arizona and Connecticut Ave., Plattsburgh (former PAFB) GPS Address 130 Arizona Ave, Plattsburgh NY 

Motorcycles are provided for this hands On TrainingProgram   
A NYS Motorcycle Learner’s Permit should be obtained from the NYS DMV prior to attending. The permit is not required for registration or attendance, but is required to apply for the road test waiver of the NYS DMV road test. If you do not have a permit, you may take the course, but understand that you must obtain a permit from DMV to apply for the Road Test Waiver
Successful eCourse Completion Certificate (report with or without, prepared to attend & ride)
A Valid New York State Driver’s License or a valid out of state Driver’s License 
Be able to ride a bicycle
Be 16 years of age or older. 16 & 17 must bring a parent to the first session to sign requires waivers.
ATTEND all sessions, Classroom and Riding! Arrive on time and be prepared!

Helmet: DOT approved. (Loan helmets are available as necessary)
Eye Protection: Face shield, Safety glasses or Goggles
Gloves: Leather (preferably) or cotton---no fingerless gloves
Jeans: Denim or other sturdy material—NO HOLES & NO FLARE-LEG!!
Jacket: Denim or other sturdy material or long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt
Boots: Must cover the ankle and have as flat a heel as possible –NO SNEAKERS
Rain Gear: Classes run rain or shine, change of cloths if no rain gear.

Students under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian accompany them to the first session to sign legal waiver. If this is not possible, call 518 562-8675 to make other arrangements. Call for more information regarding Junior Licensing.

To be eligible for the optional Road Test Waiver, you must meet the following criteria: 
* Be 16 years of age or older (parental permission required for ages of 16 and 17 years) 
* Be able to ride a bicycle 
* Possess a current and valid New York State Driver's License 
* Possess a current and valid New York State Motorcycle Permit 
* Full attendance for the entire course
* Successfully complete a 3 hour on-line E Course   
* Successfully pass a written knowledge test 
* Successfully pass a riding skill evaluation
Be punctual: If you are late due to any excuse (traffic, faulty alarm, car trouble etc.) you will not be able to continue the course (There is NO rescheduling or refunds due to your being late). 

In the eCourse: you will learn what to wear for comfort and protection, how to create your own strategy for riding in traffic, dealing with critical situations, how alcohol and drugs affect your riding ability and more. 

On the range: The course begins with the fundamental skills of straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping. After practicing the basics, we will gradually progress to more advanced cornering, swerving and emergency stopping. 

You MUST wear Proper Riding Gear at all times, with no exceptions:

Over-the-ankle boots, long pants, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves and DOT approved helmet. If you do not own a helmet, one can be provided. 

Be prepared for all weather conditions, such as rain, hot or cold weather. *In cold weather conditions, students should wear layers of clothing. We ride rain or shine!!!

The BRC is mentally and physically demanding. Please be sure that you are well rested and free from any distractions during your course. For your safety and the safety of others, please disclose any medical condition you may have that could interfere with your ability to ride/push a motorcycle. If you are taking any medication, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist to confirm that there will be no conflict. Some prescription and non-prescription medications may cause drowsiness and/or affect your balance.
Upon Completion of The Basic Rider Course:
Immediately after you pass the motorcycle course you will receive a completion card from the NYSMSP and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The Card must be taken to the DMV office to have the M added to your license. 


(Q) How old do I need to be to take the class?

(A) 17 years old. Students under 18 years old will have Valid Driver's license and their parents must sign a waiver to participate. Parent must waivers at the start of the class.           Phone  for details.

-(Q) Do I get my license by taking this class?

(A) Successful completion of the BRC 1 earns you a Course Completion Card that is the road test waiver. This waiver, combined with your NYS Drivers License and your NYS “M” permit presented to the DMV will result in your motorcycle (M) endorsement on your license.

(Q) How many days are involved in this class?

(A) Two day class (8am~5pm). Plus the online E Course taken within thirty days of the class start date. The E-course takes 5+ hours to complete.

(Q) What if I don’t have a computer?

(A) You can still take this course, but you’ll have to make arrangements to cover the material presented in the E-Course. You MUST contact us 10 days prior to class if you do not have access to a computer.

(Q) Do I need a motorcycle learner’s permit to take the class?

(A) No, but you will need a motorcycle learner’s permit to use your Completion Card as a “road test waiver” at the DMV.

(Q) Do I need any skills to take this class?

(A) Yes, you should be able to ride a bicycle. You are involved in physical activity for both range days. If you have concerns as to your ability to physically keep pace with a class, please call us at 518 562-8675

(Q) I have never ridden before. Is this the right class?

(A) For most students, yes. The range portion begins with hands-on learning the location and function of all of the controls, proper mounting and dismounting techniques, proper start up and shut down procedures. 

(Q) What gear do I need to take the class?

(A) For the two riding days, at a minimum, you must wear a DOT approved helmet,  long jeans, a long sleeved shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, eye protection, and boots that cover your ankles. (Loaner helmets available.) 

(Q) Do I need a buy any books?

(A) No 

(Q) Do I need my own bike?

(A) We supply the motorcycles and have a great selection of different types and sizes.

(Q) I am very short; do you have a bike for me?

(A) Yes, in almost all cases, we have a proper bike. If you are VERY short, phone 518 562-8675 to discuss.

(Q) Can I use my own bike?

(A) Students can bring their own bikes—however, it must meet the following conditions:
Engine displacement of 350 cc or less
Dry weight not to exceed 440 lbs.
A seat height of 30” or less
If you plan on bringing your own bike, please call 518 562-8675.

(Q) Can I use my motor scooter?

(A) Yes, call 518 562-8675 for specifics.

(Q) Does the BRC qualify for insurance discounts?

(A) Check with your insurance company. Many do give discounts.

(Q) What if it rains?

(A) You will get wet! We ride rain or shine. Bring a rain suit. 

(Q) How many students are in a class?

(A) Class sizes range from 6-12 students.

(Q) What if I do not pass the riding evaluation?

(A) You get two opportunities to successfully complete the skill evaluation. The re-tests do not need to be on the same day as the original test.

(Q) I have some physical limitations. Can I take the class?

(A) Phone 518 562-8675 to discuss.

The Basic RiderCourse is the alternative to the DMV road-test. 
Cost $321.00

Classroom / Range Location:
130 Arizona Ave. NE Corner of 
Arizona Ave. & Connecticut Ave.
Plattsburgh, NY 12962
MSF Motorcycle Basic RiderCourse

2024 Training Season dates are now open

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