Northern NY Driving Academy
Due to an approaching retirement date the in-car driving lessons will be dis-continued until further notice. Another driving school is currently in the DMV application and training process and should be up and running after the 1st of the year. I will provide a link to their services after that happens. 5 Hour Pre-license classes on zoom have ended for 2023 and may be continued after the 1st of the year. CLICK HERE for your other options.

BRC2  Skills Practice RiderCourse

​Similar to BRC2 - License Waiver RiderCourse, but consists of only the riding exercises. It is a perfect way to reinforce basic skills on one's personal motorcycle. Passengers are permitted with a licensed operator on a personal motorcycle.
The Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2) was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation as a skills-polishing course for riders with at least One Year of riding experience. 
The workshop consists of One day of instruction taught by MSF certified instructors.

Some topics that will be covered:

- Risk management
- Relationship between mental physical riding skill
- Traction management
- Developing a riding strategy
- Proper cornering techniques
- Emergency straight line breaking
- Stopping quickly in a curve
- Counter steering for cornering
  & MORE !

The student must bring:

- Own Motorcycle & full tank of gas
- Proof of registration & Insurance
- Valid motorcycle license
- The motorcycle must have current
- NYS inspection

Cost - $150.00 for Rider and Passenger

NEW! NYSMSP Basic RiderCourse-2  Skills Practice  $150.00
Classroom / Range Location:
130 Arizona Ave. NE Corner of 
Arizona Ave. & Connecticut Ave.
Plattsburgh, NY 12962
MSF Motorcycle Basic RiderCourse2 Skills Practice